Bible Studies

  • How can we, who are finite, come to know God, who is infinite?
  • How can we, who are sinful, be friends with God, who is holy?

To come to know God, and to become a friend of God, God must take the initiative and communicate with us. God in His wondrous grace and mercy has done this, through His Word, the Bible.


Searching The Scriptures is a six week Bible study that helps you find the answers in the Bible.

These Bible Studies are offered FREE, along with a helpful booklet entitled “Ultimate Questions.” Each study takes about two hours to complete.You can request your first Bible study by calling: 519-776-6222 Or E-mail:

Study 1 – A Study of God’s Word

  • What the Bible claims to be
  • What Jesus Christ believed about the Bible
  • Old Testament prophecies fulfilled in Christ
Study 2 – A Study of God

  • God’s nature
  • God’s greatness
  • God is creator
  • God is sovereign
Study 3 – A Study of Man

  • God’s standard of righteousness
  • God’s assessment of the human race
Study 4 – A Study of Jesus Christ

  • Who is Jesus Christ?
  • Why did Jesus come to earth?
  • Where is Jesus Christ now?
Study 5 – A Study of Salvation

  • What God does
  • What We must do
Study 6 – A Study of New Life

  • What a Christian receives in Christ
  • What a Christian finds in Christ
  • What a Christian becomes in Christ

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